Friday, September 9, 2016

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Ann Coulter: Every Word, Including 'And' and 'The'

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Breitbart News - Instead, we’re getting a never-ending stream of lies about Trump and his supporters. To paraphrase Mary McCarthy on Lillian Hellman, every word the media utter about Trump is a lie, including “and”...

Hillary's Health: Corrupt Media Loses Narrative Monopoly

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CNN Is Hitler - While our mainstream media has always been corrupt, things changed dramatically for the worse after President George W. Bush won re-election in 2004. You see, that wasn't supposed to happen. The re...

Why There's a Media Blackout on the Native American Oil Pipeline Blockade

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Blow Pop - (ANTIMEDIA Op-Ed) North Dakota — As the Lakota Sioux continue their peaceful blockade of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline, the story’s absence from the national media narrative is palpable. ...

Never Share These 3 Things on Social Media

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Leigh Michele - The digitalization of information and the popularity of social media may put consumer privacy at risk more now than ever. Some social media users, teenagers especially, may be unaware that the info...

Insight: Next 48 hours decisive for the future of Formula 1 ownership

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The Wise Owl - Formula 1 is likely to have a new owner by Wednesday, if the deal for Liberty Media to take a minority stake as a prelude to a controlling stake and then partial flotation goes through. The deal, w...

7 Big Brand Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses - Hootsuite Social Media Management - Have you ever looked at somebody’s amazing travel photos and felt as if you too could enjoy such joy, if only you had the budget, resources, and time? If you’re a small business owner, this can fee...

38 Tips on Social Media Etiquette for Business

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__SEO__ - The problem with common sense is that it isn’t very common. When you add the global reach of social media the reality is that bad manners, poor behaviour and forgotten etiquette become amplified. S...
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NY Times finally admits the media has been out to get Hillary Clinton while coddling Donald Trump

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Alma Moore - Impartial observers of the 2016 general election haven’t been able help but notice the double standard: Hillary Clinton’s charitable foundation consistently ranks completely clean every it’s scruti...
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How To Generate B2B Sales Leads Using Social Media

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Strong Content - According to content marketing research by Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute, “content marketers use an average of 13 tactics for B2B marketing”, and the use of social media was admitt...

It’s time to rally behind Canada’s oil and gas sector | Troy Media - CALGARY, Alta. Sept. 7, 2016/ Troy Media/ – Was Ontario’s auto sector in worse shape during the global financial meltdown of 2009 than Alberta’s energy patch was during the global oil glut of 2015?...
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Cringe-Worthy Things To Avoid When Building Your Publicity and Social Media Presence As A Filmmaker - The world is watching, which if you’re an indie filmmaker is a good thing!  More and more filmmakers are embracing the creative capacities that building a presence via social media (combined with t...
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Donald Trump went to Mexico — and all we got was this stupid election

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Al - If you tried to follow the Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde media circus around Donald Trump’s surprise visit to Mexico this week, followed by his fire-eating immigration speech in Phoenix, you got to hear ...
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You Can't Achieve Big-League Success With a Minor League Social Media Strategy

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KeepItSocial - Less is more. You've heard the expression that a minimalist approach is more effective in artistic or aesthetic endeavors. But what if I told you the same strategy applies to social media, too?  Un...
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3 Social Image Tools That Increase Exposure and Engagement : Social Media Examiner

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The Neverboss - Wondering how to improve the impact of your social media images? Looking for tools to optimize your visual content? In this article you’ll discover three little-known tools to analyze the effective...

Social Media Success Summit 2016: Largest Online Event

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Madalyn Sklar

Adapt Your Social Strategy: New Instagram Stories & Twitter Moments

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Marketing in the Social-Mobile world

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Digital Marketing is More Than Social Media - TechCo

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Moni Oloyede

7 Psychological Tricks to Use in Your Social Media Marketing

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5 Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing (And How to Deal With Them)

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Esraful - It’s not healthy to eat stuffed crust pizza three times a day. Dogs get stressed out when we hug them. Beyonc√© will never be your best friend. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just here to remind you...

Which social network is right for my business presence?

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