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The Nehru Memorial Museum and Library
cordially invites you to The Seminar
at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 4 September 2012
in the Seminar Room, First Floor, Library Building
From the Margins Looking In: The child- state relationship revisited’
                                   Dr. Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan,
                                            Independent Scholar
The proposed talk will ask who all get to be included in the story of the nation-being-built. Based on the book, Growing Up & Away, Narratives of Indian Childhoods, Memory, History, Identity,( 2011) the presentation will explore what happens to our understanding of borders and boundaries, frontiers and faultiness, when children are included as participants in the making of meaning.
Memory, history and identity play central roles in how childhood is understood and experienced. The potential for violent clashes among and within communities largely involve disputes over history and destiny, linked as they are to the unresolved legacies of the partition of British India.
Through many historical decisions and select recent illustrations, the presentation will provide evidence of how some of those responses continue to resonate in the ways in which the State responds to situations of conflicted citizenship.
Growing Up & Away, Narratives of Indian Childhoods, Memory, History, Identity, traces the evolution of the child rights discourse in post-Independence India, suggesting that there are different and political ways of thinking about childhoods. It makes the point that more than any other event or process, the violence and fears aroused by Partition have influenced the course of modern child development policy-making, and the relationship between the political and cultural identities of all the actors who influence the experience of childhoods.  The link will provide more details. (
Dr. Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan began her career in journalism and has
spent the past 15+ years in evidence-based social development
programme planning and design, working both in India, and overseas.
She has a Masters degree in Development Studies, from the Institute of
Social Studies, The Hague and a post graduate diploma in social
journalism from the Times School.
All are welcome.
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The Nehru Memorial Museum and Library
cordially invites you to The Seminar
at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, 6 September 2012
in the Seminar Room, First Floor, Library Building
' Kabir and Gandhi as Apostles of Human Unity 
   Transcending all Religion and  Caste-based Distinctions’
                                                Dr. Saral Jhingran
                                               Former Fellow, NMML
Hinduism has the dubious distinction of upholding a sublime vision of one Atman in all beings, and then supporting extreme caste-based distinctions which deny any suggestion of basic equality. I propose to discuss in this paper two Indian saints who rejected such man made distinctions and declared unconditional human unity.
    Kabir, a 15th century North Indian saint, rejected all man made distinctions and declared emphatically that one Ram (God) inhabits all living beings; and therefore there is no basic distinction between Hindu and Turk (Muslim), or brahmin and shudra. He denied all distinctions categorically first on the basis of God’s indwelling all; and then, significantly, on a rational basis, saying that all have the same blood and meat, and so on. 
     In 20th century India, Mahatma Gandhi was confronted with Hindu Muslim tensions on the one hand and the evil of untouchability on the other. He therefore set upon cleaning Indian society of these two evils, by emphasizing the need for mutual understanding and good will between Hindus and Muslims; and relentlessly campaigning for the removal of the practice of untouchability from within Hindu society.
      Being practical and realist, he accepted the distinct identities of Hindus and Muslims, as also that between the “upper” caste Hindus and the so-called untouchables, in whose case he even at first accepted their separate nomenclature and their compulsory hereditary profession. He was not entirely successful in his efforts at unity and harmony between various groups of Indian society because he started with a somewhat wrong premise of dividing the society on the basis of religion and caste. He, however, continuously affirmed his profound conviction that his Ram lived in the hearts of dumb millions, and could be realized only through their service.
Dr. Saral Jhingran got her Ph.D. in Advaita Vedanta and Ethical Action from Rajasthan University in 1972. She has had three   Senior Fellowships of U.G.C. She was also affiliated to NMML  as  Research Scientist B,  from which she retired in 2000 . Her interests range from philosophy of religion and ethics-her prime concern- to sociological issues.
Her publications are : The Roots of World Religions, 1982; Aspects of Hindu Morality 1989, reprint 1999; Secularism in India :A Reappraisal, 1989; Ethical Relativism and Universalism, 2001; and Madrasa Education in India: A Study, 2010. Besides these she has published more than 40 papers in various anthologies, and philosophical journals.
She has also presented papers in various Seminars and Conferences, including World Philosophical Congress, New Delhi and one in Washington on World Peace.  She is presently working on the problem, “Why be Moral? A Search for a Justification of Morality.”

All are welcome.
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Congress Anti Villagers & Farmers: Jolly
 Delhi Dehat leaders Dy. Mayor Master Azad Singh & Chairman Stndg Committee Rajesh Gehlot felicitated by Delhi Study Group

New Delhi, 30th Aug 2012: Delhi Study Group led by Ex. MLA Delhi & President Mr. Vijay Jolly organized a public program to felicitate newly elected Deputy Mayor Master Azad Singh & Chairman Standing Committee Shri. Rajesh Gehlot at Constitution Club, New Delhi. Congress is anti villagers & farmers alleged Mr. Jolly.

The Chief Guest on the occasion was Chaudhary Ram Karan Solanki, Pradhan 360 village khap panchayat. The distinguished speakers led by Delhi dehat youth leader Mr. Pravesh Sahib Singh Verma, MLAs Dharam Deo Solanki (Palam), Manoj Shokeen (Mundka), Kulwant Rana (Rohini), Parduymn Rajput (Dwarka) & Satprakash Rana (Bijwasan) narrated the tale of woes of Delhi dehat at the hands of Congress led Sheila govt. Senior MCD Councilor Smt. Sarita Chaudhary, Ex. MLA Brahm Singh Tanwar and Mehrauli BJP Leader Sher Singh Dagar accused Delhi Congress Govt. for the total neglect of Delhi dehat.   

Ex. MLA & Delhi Study Group President Mr. Vijay Jolly revealed that Delhi govt. cabinet do not have even one minister from Delhi dehat. After 66 years of independence and right under the nose of parliament, the village areas in Delhi are ‘abhav grast’ and lack civic amenities. There are no medical health care centers. And no available medicines. People are forced to drink hand pump unfiltered water. It leads to water borne diseases.

Mr. Jolly demanded relief for Delhi villages in the new master plan. The new building by - laws in villages be scrapped. There is urgent need to regularize extended lal dora aabadi areas. Mr. Jolly stressed for private & public planned housing projects to be promoted in Delhi dehat. Build pucca roads, new schools & colleges, provide drinking water, hospitals & sports facilities were vociferously demanded by Mr. Jolly.       

Elected Deputy Mayor Master Azad Singh & Chairman Standing Committee Rajesh Gehlot were honored by Delhi Study Group President Vijay Jolly with a shawl, momento & colorful village turbans (rangeen - pagaris) along with program organizer Chaudhary Amrish Kumar from Rangpuri Village & DSG Vice President Bhupendra Kansil.

Modi’s response to a question on malnutrition in an interview with Wall Street Journal

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s response to a question on malnutrition in an interview with Wall Street Journal
During an interview with Wall Street Journal Chief Minister Narendra Modi gave elaborate answer to a question regarding malnutrition.
Mr Modi said, “We are the first state in the country to raise the issue of malnutrition. It came to our mind that Gujarat is by and large a vegetarian state. And secondly, Gujarat is also a middle-class state. The middle class is more beauty conscious than health conscious – that is a challenge. If a mother tells her daughter to have milk, they’ll have a fight. She’ll tell her mother, ‘I won’t drink milk. I’ll get fat.’ They have money but she’s beauty conscious, she’s not health conscious. So being a middle-class state is also a problem for me. A large segment of the population in my state is middle-class. Second is vegetarianism.
“So a lot needs to be explained to both the beauty conscious and the health conscious. We have to request to them that there should be a good nutritional situation. We gave a budget of 700 crore rupees ($126 million). But these things are such that you see a sudden change in a child after the age of 13-14 years. They grow up so fast – from zero to 13 you don’t come to know how they got so big. So we are going through that stage.” he said.
“Even after a lot of improvement – we still have to measure (malnutrition), conduct surveys. Until that is done, this perception will remain. But I’m quite confident. We will try to get a drastic change in this. Just as we’ve become a model in the electricity sector, Gujarat is going to come up as a model in this also. I can’t make any big claims, because I don’t have a survey in front of me yet”, he added.
It is noteworthy that Gujarat government is taking a range of measures to tackle malnutrition problems, including ramping up spending on rural health workers, modernizing nutrition centers, and trying to better track young pregnant women.
Domino’s Pizza celebrates new milestone
August 31, 2012

Domino’s Pizza celebrates new milestone Opens 500th store in India!

New Delhi, August 30, 2012: Domino’s Pizza, India’s Pizza Delivery Expert and market leader in the organized pizza home delivery segment today inaugurated the 500th store at Rajinder Nagar, Delhi. The landmark store was inaugurated by Mr. Shyam S. Bhartia, Chairman and Mr. Hari S Bhartia, Co-Chairman, Jubilant FoodWorks in presence of Mr. Richard Allison, Executive Vice-President Domino’s Pizza International.

In the last few years Domino’s Pizza has not only aggressively expanded its footprint, but also has been focused on winning more customer hearts across India through its tasty Pizza offerings, unmatched delivery promise and warm customer service approach. Little wonder then that Domino’s India operations is the fastest growing operations in the Domino’s global system. The company also continues to be market leaders in the organized pizza market with a 55% market share (as per Euro monitor 2012 report) and 70%+ share in the Pizza home delivery segment in India. Having reached the 500th store landmark, the company plans to continue with its aggressive growth path.
Mr. Shyam S Bhartia, Chairman and Mr. Hari S Bhartia, Co- Chairman Jubilant FoodWorks Limited commented, “The opening of the 500th store is a matter of great pride for all of us and we are working towards further expanding the Domino’s network of outlets to other parts of the country. In our endeavour to expand, we have focussed not just on merely growing the number of stores but more importantly on our product quality, innovation & customer delight. To achieve this, we have put together efficient processes, talented people and robust machinery which has been able to deliver fantastic growth over last few years. We have been able to set new benchmarks in the food service category by creating many firsts. In the global Domino’s system, we are amongst top 4 countries now in terms of absolute number of stores. Our overall growth has been fuelled by customer’s love for our brand and our products”.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Richard Allison, Executive Vice President, Domino’s Pizza International said, “It is a great honour for me to be present here to witness this remarkable achievement by the Domino’s team in India. Globally, Domino’s is present in over 70 markets but certainly India operations have emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing. Domino’s India is a key market in our scheme of things. The 500th store mark achievement in India is because of dedication and constant brand nurturing efforts of the inspired leadership and team members here. The amazing growth of Domino’s India has set new records for us globally, which will certainly spur other countries to emulate the India story.”

Adding on Mr. Ajay Kaul, CEO, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited – “Every new store launch is an important occasion, as it helps us to reach more customers and offer our range of tasty products. But this 500th store opening marks a significant milestone in our successful journey in India. As a food service company, we believe in innovation; right from our lip smacking products to our exciting consumer campaigns. We are a customer centric brand and our thrust is to delight our customers in every engagement they experience with us. Our relentless focus on winning consumers has helped us to reach this historic landmark today.”


Dr. M Veerappa Moily, Hon’ble Union Minister for Corporate Affairs & Power, Inaugurated the 2nd ICSI CORPORATE GOVERNANCE WEEK today at New Delhi .
Dr. Veerappa Moily in his inaugural address complimented the Institute of Company Secretaries of India for this initiative and said that ICSI has always demonstrated its commitment to corporate governance and is playing a leaders role in promoting good corporate governance practices amongst corporate India . Dr. Moily said that governance is the character and corporate civilisation will face disaster if there is lack of good governance as “Good Governance is effective leadership, transparency & accountability.”
He further added that reputation of corporates contributes 75% to success of Good Governance . Dr. Moily briefed about the National Policy on Corporate Governance which is being drafted by committee headed by Mr. Adi Godrej and Mr. Nesar Ahmad ,President, The Institute of Company secretaries of India is the convener & member secretary .
Dr. Moily ensured that the New Companies Bill 2011 will be passed soon and will be instrumental in enlightening the regulator environment for better sustainability . He once again stressed on the need for economic stability & progress intertwined with Corporate Social Responsibility .
Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, Joint Managing Director ,Hero Motorcorp Ltd, while delivering his key note address complimented ICSI for initiative to observe the ICSI Corporate Governance Week 2012 and observed that there is no single individual who can work without honouring the environment .He said that governance of Countries, Families and Societies is a reflection of accepted norms. He added that a Company Secretary is a conscience keeper not just to the corporate but also to themselves. He expressed that there is need build ability and trust and in this there is need to create simple rules that are easy to understand and simple to follow . He said that people are the best asset of an organisation which appreciates with experience & exposure and the people include not just people within the organisation but also around the company. He concluded that sustainability is the collective responsibility of all of us.
Mr. U Venkataraman ,CEO –Currency Derivatives Segment and Whole Time Director ,MCX Stock Exchange delivered the Special Address and said that the Role of Stock Exchanges and institutional investors is vital in ensuring good governance . Institutional investors can act as whistle-blower, he said. He emphasised that the industry’s best practices should be showcased at the same time deterrents and penalties should be placed for misgovernance. He emphasised on striking a balance of mere compliance and earnest disclosure.”
CS Nesar Ahmad , President ,The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) informed that ICSI has been actively engaged in its commitment to Corporate Governance and has played a pivotal role in bringing about awareness on various issues impinging upon Corporate Governance . He also informed that Good Governance has intensified as an international movement . He expressed that India has Corporate Governance from the Vedic Ages and now what is needed is a hybrid approach where international practices need to be integrated with our vedic heritage. Mr. Ahamd once again emphasised that Good Governance is a Culture and a climate of Consistency, Responsibility, Accountability , Fairness, Transparency and effectiveness that is deployed throughout the business organization . He stressed upon that the essence of Corporate governance lies in promoting and maintaining integrity ,transparency and accountability in the higher echelons of management
CS P K Mittal, Council Member, The ICSI emphasised on the Role of Company Secretary in Good Governance . He reiterated that , Company Secretaries, over a period of time, have developed themselves as professionals having core competence in corporate governance , As a part of 2nd ICSI Corporate Governance Week , the Institute organised Five Mega Programmes at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata & New Delhi.
CS Rajiv Bajaj , Chairman Northern India Regional Council , while introducing the Theme of the 2nd ICSI Corporate Governance week 2012 said that, Good Governance for Sustainability has assumed considerable significance in domain of Corporate governance. Good Governance is vital for sustainability of nations, corporate and even families . Today the concerns with regard to environment, inclusive growth and the challenges posed by globalisation have brought to fore several emerging issues of corporate governance which need to be addressed.
CS N K Jain, Secretary & CEO, The ICSI, delivered the Vote of thanks and informed about the Institute’s prestigious publications released on the occasion of the 2nd ICSI Corporate Governance at the hands of Hon’ble Union Minister for Corporate Affairs , Dr. M Veerappa Moily which are as follows:
Ø Good Governance for Sustainability
Ø Role of Company Secretaries in Good Governance
Ø Sustainability Reporting for Sustainable Future
Ø Gender Diversity in Board Rooms
Ø Responsibly Managing e-waste
He Informed that ,in addition, a number of other programmes were organized on corporate governance, sustainability & sustainability reporting, integrated reporting, responsible investment, gender diversity, waste management, whistle blowing, risk management & governance, and Good Corporate Citizenship as well as furthering “Go Green” initiatives throughout the length and breadth of the country by the Regional Councils and Chapters of ICSI.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

    South Asia Social Development Unit (SASDS) & South Asia Health Nutrition and Population Unit (SASHN)

Cordially invite you to the   
South Asia Gender Initiative
Speaker Series 
Gender-Inclusive Nutrition Activities in South Asia
Chair: Maria Correia, Sector Manager, SASDS
Speaker: Dr. Rukshana Haider, TAHN Bangladesh

Date: Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Time: 8:30 am (DC), 6:30 PM (Dhaka)
Location: MC 3-850 in HQ. Other VC venues and times given below for Dhaka, Delhi, Islamabad, Kathmandu, Kabul and Colombo.
Audio Dial In Number:  +1-202-414-3526 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +1-202-414-3526      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

(Breakfast will be served)
Agenda: 1. Findings from the Gender-Inclusive Nutrition Activities in South Asia Mapping Study

    The dissemination note for the study is attached below, and the full report can be downloaded by clicking here.
    (See attached file: GenderNutritionSAR_Mapping_DisseminationNote.pdf)
2. Presentation by Dr. Haider on TAHN Bangladesh

    Dr Rukhsana Haider is Chairperson of the Training and Assistance for Health and Nutrition (TAHN) Foundation in Bangladesh. Under Dr. Haider's leadership, the TAHN Foundation supports community-based peer counsellors for improving infant and young child feeding and nutrition, as well as adolescent and maternal nutrition. She is also a senior Technical Adviser to the Gates Foundation's Alive and Thrive project in the country. Prior to TAHN, Dr. Haider spent several years at the World Health Organization (WHO)'s South East Asia Regional Offices as the Adviser for  Nutrition for Health and Development and before that, with the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B). Dr. Haider holds a PhD in Public Health Nutrition from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London. 

3. Discussion. External participants should email Mona at for more details.

VC Venue, Dial Information and Time

|Location |Dial Out Number            | Time   |
|Dhaka-1      |Dial Out-      | 6:30 pm|
|New Delhi-12 |Dial Out- | 6:00 pm|
|Islamabad-5 |Dial Out- | 5:30 pm|
|Kathmandu-4 |Dial Out- | 6:15 pm|
|Kabul-2      |Dial Out- | 5:00 pm|
|Colombo-2 |Dial Out- | 6:00 pm|
|MC3-850VC |Dial Out-      | 8:30 am|

The SAGE Speaker Series is also supported by AusAid. The authors of the report gratefully acknowledge the support of the South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative (SAFANSI) for this research. SAFANSI is supported by both AusAID and UKaid from the Department for International Development.
Sharmila Nicollet storms into lead in second leg of Hero-WGAI Tour

Bangalore, August 29: Sharmila Nicollet stormed into lead with a very steady two-under 68 that put her one shot ahead of Nalini Singh Siwach (68), who, too, carded a fine 68 in the second round of the second leg of theHero-WGAI Women’s Pro Tour at Clover Greens in Bangalore.

Sharmila, who was in a tie for second overnight, was three-under through 13 holes, before her first and only mishap of the day in the form of a bogey came on 14th. She then parred the last four holes for a 68, which was the best round thus far in the tournament.

Also giving Sharmila a run for her money was young Nalini Singh Siwach (68) who overtook overnight leader Smriti Mehra (72) to take the second spot. Nalini was at even par 140, one behind Sharmila whose aggregate is 139. Smriti is lying third at 141.

Neha Tripathi (72) was placed fourth at 143 while Ankita Kedalya (72) was fifth at 147 and Shraddhanjali Singh (74) was sixth at 148.

Sharmila opened with five pars before a birdie came her way on the par-4 sixth. Five more pars elapsed before back to back birdies on 12th and 13th. Then after a lone bogey on 14th, she steadied with four pars.

Nalini was two-under through nine, but then dropped bogeys on tenth and 11th. She birdied the 14th and 15thto come back into red numbers and she stayed under par with three more pars.

Smriti’s day started with a birdie o first, but she dropped a double on the second. One more birdie against two bogeys saw her finish the front nine in 38. A double bogey on 10th meant she was four-over. But three birdies against one bogey retrieved the day and she finished at 72.

Vani Kapoor, who lost the first leg, Hero-KGA tournament, last week, shot a second successive 76 and was placed 11th, while Meghna Bal, who had a fine 71 on first day went to a 80 on second.

The event carries a purse of Rs. 5 lakhs and is the second in the schedule of the Tour which has 12 events.

Tee times for third and final round:
9:00 AM: Nalini Singh (159)/ Mita Gowande (159)
9:10 AM: Nikki Ponappa (158)/ Trisha Sunil (A)(157)
9:20 AM: Priya Puri (156)/ Pallavi Jain (156)/ Rani Sonti (155)
9:30 AM: Preetinder Kaur (154)/ Vani Kapoor (152)/ Meghna Bal (151)
9:40 AM: Ankita Tiwana (151)/ Suchitra Ramesh (A)(150)/ Saaniya Sharma (148)
9:50 AM: Shraddhanjali Singh (148)/ Ankita Kedlaya (A)(147)/ Neha Tripathi (143)
10:00 AM: Smriti Mehra (141)/ Nalini Singh Siwach (140)/ Sharmila Nicollet (139)
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Actress Chitrangada‘s one amongst 2.2 lakh consumers to share her treasured garment story

New Delhi 29th Aug 2012 As per a survey done by A C Neilsen in key metros among women,  this fact came to life that how each one of us has one special garment in our cupboard, which we treasure due to the various emotional reasons. However the fear of it losing its shine & getting it soiled restricts us from wearing it often.

P&G’s Home care product, Ariel, which has always been a pioneer in the laundry industry, has recently concluded their campaign, ‘My Story, My Ariel’. This campaign was aimed at evoking people’s emotional bond with their favorite garments.

During an event in the city, the gorgeous Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh revealed her treasured garment story. She was quoted saying, “I have always aspired to be an actress, but it was my treasured sari which turned the fortune for me and got me here in Bollywood & made me what I am today. If not for my treasured sari I would have been a Nutritionist.  I still remember the day when I auditioned for my first movie & I chose to wear this sari. It’s from that day, that I have treasured it & Ariel helps me keep it shining like new I have always trusted Ariel”.

This has been one of the best ever engagements for Ariel in both quantity and quality on Digital, PR & IVR platforms. The campaign received an overwhelming response from the consumers who through various platforms shared their treasured garment stories. We have received almost 2.2 lakh stories till date & numbers are still growing.

Earlier inspired by this initiative our own “Jassi”, Mona Singh pulled out one of her favorite dress, a blue gown that reminds her of her college days. This was the same gown that helped her win the first title in her College Fashion Show. So, she decided to meet Manish Malhotra, Ariel influencer to take tips on how to contemporarize her gown & preserve it for a longer time.

Manish Malhotra has been endorsing Ariel for many years now & vows by the efficacy of the product and counts on it keep clothes shinning like new for a long time. Manish was quoted saying, “I have seen the proof of performance right in front of my eyes when I visited Beijing Ariel Research Centre with Ariel team. After coming back I had to leave for an important event & had to carry my Favorite black jacket along but couldn’t get it dry-cleaned because of lack of time. I decided to see the proof of performance myself & asked my staff to wash it with Ariel & believe me I was overwhelmed to see the results.”
Do share your Treasured garment story with us on Ariel India Facebook page.
Contact Details:
Madison Public Relations
Ayush Mathur / Saadia Farrukh / Monali

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tibetan teens die after self-immolating in China


BEIJING, :Two Tibetan teenagers died after setting themselves on fire outside a monastery in southwest China in the latest such protests against Chinese rule, an overseas rights group said Tuesday. The incidents pushed the number of confirmed self-immolations to 51 since 2009, London-based Free Tibet said in a statement.
The group said 18-year-old monk Lobsang Kalsang and 17-year-old former monk Damchoek set themselves on fire Monday outside Kirti Monastery in Sichuan province’s Aba county. They died later in the day after they were taken to a hospital by Chinese authorities, Free Tibet said.
Citing eyewitnesses, Free Radio Asia said the two teenagers shouted slogans condemning Chinese policies in Tibet.
Police in Aba county said Tuesday that they had no information on the self-immolations, which are rarely reported by Chinese state media.
Aba, home to the restive Tibetan Kirti Monastery, has witnessed at least 27 self-immolations, according to an earlier tally by the International Campaign for Tibet.
Supporters say the self-immolators are protesting Beijing’s heavy-handed rule in Tibetan regions and calling for the return of the Dalai Lama. China has blamed the Tibetans’ exiled spiritual leader for inciting the immolations, but the Dalai Lama denies the claim.
The spiritual leader has never publicly supported or denounced the acts.
Lobsang Sangay, the political leader of Tibetan exiles, said earlier this month that the incidents were
against the movement’s commitment to nonviolence but that it was his duty to highlight why the protesters were dying.
He expressed his disappointment that the self-immolations by Tibetans have not received the same international attention as the similar suicide of a Tunisian man that sparked the Arab Spring.
In Washington, State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Monday that the United States had called on Beijing to “meet the legitimate grievances of the Tibetan people within China to protect their human rights, to protect their way of life, and to work on these issues through dialogue.”

ESPN STAR Sports announces grand plans for ICC World Twenty20 2012

·         Syndicates broadcast to a record 218 territories across the world
·         Sourav Ganguly, Sanjay Manjrekar, Nasser Hussain, Wasim Akram, Ramiz Raja and Tony Greig to join a 18 member commentary panel
·         STAR Cricket and STAR Cricket HD will showcase all 27 matches from ICC World Twenty20
·         Special Live & exclusive telecast of India Pakistan warm-up match on September 17
·         Simulcast with Hindi commentary for all India matches; semi-finals and final of the championship on ESPN
New Delhi, August 28, 2012 – ESPN STAR Sports (ESS), Asia’s number one sports content provider & ICC’s global Broadcast & Production Partner, shared their plans around the telecast of the ICC World Twenty20 2012 at a press conference in New Delhi today. Featuring a star studded panel of 18 commentators for this marquee event, ESS’s presentation will feature experts from almost all major cricket playing countries thus giving fans the most insightful and comprehensive experience possible. ESS also announced that it has sold the syndication rights of ICC World Twenty20 to 218 territories across the world, a new record in terms of the coverage for this blockbuster T20 cricket world championship.
In India, STAR Cricket and STAR Cricket HD will showcase all the 27 matches from the event live starting September 18 till October 07. Anticipating a lot of interest, ESPN STAR Sports will additionally telecast the India-Pakistan warm-up match scheduled for September 17. The sports broadcaster has also planned a simulcast of all India matches, semi-finals and the final with Hindi commentary on its ESPN channel. All matches of the championship will also be streamed on with a 5 minute delay.
ESS’s presentation team will include stars like Sourav Ganguly, Sanjay Manjrekar, Nasser Hussain, Wasim Akram, Ramiz Raja, Tony Greig, Ian Chappell, Mark Waugh, Russell Arnold, Ian Bishop, Pommie Mbangwa, Damien Fleming, Simon Doull, David Lloyd, Harsha Bhogle and Alan Wilkins. ESS’s Jatin Sapru will be the in-studio host along with former English cricketer Dermot Reeve playing the role of an analyst.
ESS will also feature, for the very first time for an ICC event, a new Touch Screen cricket presentation tool in its analysis shows around the live coverage. This will bring in a new dimension to the way the game is analysed and presented thus giving fans a fresh perspective of the game. ESPN STAR Sports will do extensive programming in and around the live telecast. All matches will have detailed pre and post-match shows.
Speaking on the occasion, Aloke Malik, Managing Director, ESPN Software India Pvt Ltd, said, “We are committed to offer our fans the most engaging and compelling experience of the ICC World T20 and our broadcast & presentation plans truly reflect this. Our star-studded panel of experts from across the world of cricket along with new-age innovative presentation tools will take fans closer to the game giving them a very enriching experience.
In terms of on-air sales, we have sold close to 80% of the total available inventory as on date. We have signed up 2 Joint Presenting Sponsors, 5 Associate Sponsors and another additional 10 corporates for spot-buys on live as well as pre-post programming. We expect to close a few more within the next two weeks for a complete sell-out. ”
ICC General Manager – Commercial, Campbell Jamieson, said “The ICC is delighted with the coverage plan ESPN STAR Sports has put together for this year’s ICC World Twenty20 Sri Lanka 2012. A High Definition broadcast available in a record 218 territories including South America for the first time, means this event will have the best reach for any ICC Event. I am sure cricket followers, who are not able to travel to Sri Lanka to watch the tournament, will enjoy the exciting contests in this Nation versus Nation event through a world-class broadcast coverage.”
The ICC World Twenty20 will be broadcast by ESPN STAR Sports as a part of its eight-year agreement with ICC. The tournament has stirred up tremendous interest for cricket fans all over the globe. The broadcaster will also showcase live semi-finals and finals of the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 2012.
About ESPN STAR Sports
ESPN STAR Sports is a 50:50 joint venture between two of the world’s leading cable and satellite broadcasters. As Asia’s biggest sports content provider, ESPN STAR Sports combines the strengths and resources of its parent companies – Walt Disney (ESPN, Inc.) and News Corporation Limited (STAR) – to deliver a diverse array of international and regional sports to fans across multiple platforms.
ESPN STAR Sports features a comprehensive portfolio of multimedia assets including its television networks (ESPN, STAR Sports, STAR Cricket, ESPNEWS, ESPN HD, STAR Cricket HD), broadband network (ESPN Player), digital content services (, mobileESPN),  and its on-ground Event Management Group with the aim to engage and entertain sports fans anytime, anyplace.
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The Sovereign Forest in Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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The Sovereign Forest is now open for public viewing at the Samadrusti campus in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

The Sovereign Forest by Amar Kanwar in collaboration with Samadrusti is an exhibition that attempts to reopen discussion and initiate a creative response to our understanding of crime, politics, human rights and ecology. The validity of poetry as evidence in a trial, the discourse on seeing, on understanding, on compassion, on issues of justice, sovereignty and the determination of the self – all come together in a constellation of moving and still images, texts, books, pamphlets, albums, music, objects, seeds, events and processes.

The Sovereign Forest has overlapping identities. It continuously reincarnates as an art installation, an exhibition, a library, a memorial, a public trial, an open call for the collection of more ‘evidence’, an archive and also a proposition for a space that engages with political issues as well as with art.  

The Sovereign Forest is inspired by a search for the possible answers to the following questions. How to understand the conflict around us? How to understand crime? Who defines evidence? Is legally valid evidence adequate to understand the meaning and extent of a crime? Can ‘poetry’ be presented as ‘evidence’ in a criminal or political trial? What is the validity of such evidence? Can it create a new and valuable perspective about the crime? What is the vocabulary of a language that can talk about a series of simultaneous disappearances occurring across multiple dimensions of our lives? How to see, know, understand and remember these disappearances? How to look again?

The central film, titled The Scene of Crime offers an experience of landscape just prior to erasure as territories marked for acquisition by industries. Almost every image in this film lies within specific territories that are proposed industrial sites and are in the process of being acquired by government and corporations in Orissa. Every location, every blade of grass, every water source, every tree that is seen in the film is now meant to not exist anymore. The Scene of Crime is an experience of ‘looking’ at the terrain of this conflict and the personal lives that exist within this natural landscape.

The Sovereign Forest invites visitors to contribute a photograph, a film, a document, a text, an object, seed, cloth, pattern, drawing, or any ‘evidence’ in any form to the constellation of evidence presented. The exhibition will continue for a few months as more parts are added to it.

The Sovereign Forest
Samadrusti Campus
H.I.G -78, Phase -VII, Sailashree Vihar,
Bhunaneswar, Orissa, India
Pin - 751021
Contact nos 0674-6529485, 9853456083 ( Sibasis) and 9178182820 ( Subha)

Near TRIDENT Academy, Opposite Info city. ( Can be approached from Saliashree Vihar side as well as from Info City Side. The Saliashree Vihar Road connects the Jayadev Vihar-Nadankanan main road at Damana Square while the Info City Road connects the same Jayadev Vihar Nandankana main road at Patia Square. Jayadev Vihar is right on NH-5 connecting Kolkota with Chennai.)

For more information write to :
 Sudhir Pattnaik 
 Amar Kanwar

Chief Minister Narendra Modi to be the first ever Indian
political leader to hold Google+ Hangout on August, 31st:
 The last date of sending questions extended till
midnight IST on 29th August following heavy flow of Questions:
Bollywood star Ajay Devgn to host the session that will
be the cynosure of many eyes across the world
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will interact with people, across the world, in a Google+ Hangout session on the evening of August, 31 at 8 pm IST. This is for the first time when any Indian political leader is going to utilize this platform to engage with the mass. This hangout is expected to be viewed by millions of well-wishers across the world. Other leaders include US President Barack Obama and Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard, have held Google+ Hangout sessions, in past.
In what is expected to give an immense boost to the Hangout, Google has invited popular Bollywood star Ajay Devgn to anchor the entire session. Ajay Devgn is a well-known name across India who has won several awards including the National Award.
The theme of the Hangout session is ‘Strong and Glorious India Long Cherished by Swami Vivekananda’. The interactive session will be aired LIVE on Shri Modi’s website-
The Hangout has received a tremendous response from both India and across the world, receiving over 5000 questions. Questions can be sent till midnight IST of 29th August with the byline ‘#ModiHangout’ for them to be considered. Readers can post their questions on several forums including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Mr. Modi’s own website.
So far, immense diversity has been seen in the questions asked. Many people have penned questions on Gujarat’s development while many have sought to know Mr. Modi’s vision for specific sectors. The colossal failures of the UPA also take up a large chunk of questions. The record number of questions reaffirms the popularity of Narendra Modi at the grass root level and indicates the willingness of the people to interact with him.
This landmark foray into holding a Google+ Hangout session marks a further diversification of Mr. Modi’s social media endeavors. He remains among the most tech-savvy politicians who have used social media as a key way to engage with well-wishers. Gujarat Chief Minister has been very active on Twitter and Facebook. He is also a regular blogger, who writes on various issues.
It is certain that this Google+ Hangout session will be enlightening, fruitful and straight from the heart. In this day and age where IT and Communications has come to play a dominant role, there is a lot to learn from Shri Modi on how to use it as a means to make a difference!
Know more about the Hangout with Shri Narendra Modi here
Initiative organized by Vivekananda Cell                                                Initiative partner - Google
Sports, youth and cultural activities department
Principal Secretary –Shri Bhagyesh Jha
Narmada  Bachao  Andolan
2, Sai Nagar, Mata Chowk,
Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh -450 001
Telefax : 0733 - 2228318
E-mail :

Press note: 28.08.2012       
4th day of the Jal Satyagrah : Stayagrahis stand in water with blistered feet
District administration giving false statement
The affected people determined to stand-up against grave injustice

The Jal Satyagrah in village Gogalgaon has entered its 4th day. The stayagrahis have developed blisters on their feet due to standing in water continuously. But the determination of the satyagrahis is hight. Thousand of onkarsershwar dam affected people have been protesting against increasing the water level of the dam and causing submergence without rehabilitation and 34 people along with senior activist of Narmada Bachao Andolan Chittaroopa Palit are on a Jal Staygrah, and have been continuously standing in water. The other thousands of people have been sitting on dharna alongside.
The district administrations statement is false and misleading  
The statement issued by the Collector of Khandwa stating that compensation has been given to all Omkareshwar and Indra Sagar dam affected people and that the state owes them nothing is not just false but misleading. It is surprising that during the meeting Officers of Narmada Hydro Development Corporation(NHDC), the company building the dams, spoke only about compensation and not about the rehabilitation of the affected people in accordance with the Rehabilitation Policy. According to the Supreme Court orders the affected people need to be given not just compensation but land for land and other rehabilitation entitlements as per Rehabilitation Policy and this must be done 6 months prior to submergence. NHDC and the state government are aware that the Supreme Court, the High Court and recently even the Grievance Redressal Authority (GRA) has clearly stated in their orders that NHDC and the State Government have not adhered to the Rehabilitation Policy. Recently the GRA in first 225 orders has asked the state to give land for land the displaced people. Therefore, the statement of District Administration is in direct violation and contempt of Supreme Court orders. The state and NHDC still has to rehabilitate the affected people by giving land for land. Also in both these projects thousands of house still have to be acquired and in the Indra Sagar Project, in 38 villages even the back water survey has not been done.
Oustees  determined to continue fight against injustice
The Omkareshwar and Indira Sagar dam oustees have pledged that they will fight for their rehabilitation rights and will not accept the injustice of the Government. They will not leave their homes and lands without getting their rights and are ready to give up their lives for the same.

Alok Agarwal, Radheshyam Tirole, Saku bai, Radhbai

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


     A high level delegation led by Rear Admiral AARA Dias, the Director General Sri Lanka Coast Guard (SLCG), is visiting India from 26-30 Aug 2012, for the maiden High Level Meeting, with the Indian Coast Guard (ICG). The Indian delegation is led by Vice Admiral MP Muralidharan, AVSM,NM, Director General Indian Coast Guard.  The visit is in continuation of the various efforts by the governments of the two countries towardscooperation between the ICG and SLCG and pursuance of the discussions on maritime issues of mutual concerns to formulate a cooperative approach.
      The establishment of SLCG on 04 Mar 2010 has been a way forward in meeting the challenges in the new global safety and security regime in this region. The recent visit is very significant in providing a fresh impetus to the existing ties between the two organisations as the meeting is being held in the back drop of the evolving maritime security situation in the region. The focus of the meeting was on further strengthening the operational level interaction between the two Coast Guards.

       During the visit, the delegation also interacted with Mr Shankar Aggarwal, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Defence and deliberated on common maritime interests. The delegation would visit Coast Guard’s Western Region at Mumbai, which will offer an insight into various capabilities and activities of Coast Guard at field level including in Search and Rescue and Pollution Control.    During the High Level discussions, it was mutually agreed to strengthen the cooperation on evolving collaborative approach, in addressing a spectrum of maritime issues concerning safety and security. 

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