Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An appeal and Seeking support from the people around the world;  share this link by facebook, twitter and email. LINK: http://www.change.org/petitions/un-fact-finding-mission-to-tibet

Tibet is Burning!
Enough is enough!
We cannot stay silence.
Lets unite for Tibet.
Call for UN Fact-Finding Mission to Tibet online petition has reached above 1700 and it need your support again to reach the goal.

Calls for UN Fact-finding Mission to Tibet's online petition strongly urge the UN to wake up and feel the people's suffering in Tibet, UN must act fast and right now to show what it is for and to practical prove the reason for the existence of UN as a global organization for Peace & Freedom in the World. There are millions of people around the world supporting Tibet and there are many like you who works continuously for the cause of Tibet. We appreciate the works you do and we believe that with people like you still we can ensure each other that world will improve and justice will stand soon. With your kind support, may we request you to spread this petition links to your circle of networks by emails, facebook and twitter that will definitely make it go further and quicker in reaching the goal. As soon as goal is achieved, we will submit the printed form of this online petition with all the signature to UN offices and to various Human Right organizations stating people of this world wants you to be do something for Tibet.

We request people around the world to unite and show their support to Justice and Freedom. We are witnessing death, casualties, suffering and dying for Freedom in all over the world including Tibet since last year, with your one support by signing a petition like this will UNITE the people's voice for FREEDOM and JUSTICE in our WORLD.

We thank you for for your time and care.

The URL is; http://www.change.org/petitions/un-fact-finding-mission-to-tibet


Tom Alyn
Tibet News team
Tibet News
Information on Human Right and Freedom Repression in Tibet

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