Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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7th February 2017

Greetings from Falcon Media publishers of ENERTIA - Asia's Premier Journal on Sustainable Energy, Renewable Power, Hydro Resources & Environment & 

ENERTIA Foundation as well as REPA – Renewable Energy Promotion

Dear All Winners & Attendees of 10th ENERTIA Awards 2016 - India & South Asia's Awards for Excellence in "Sustainable Energy & Power",

It is our pleasure to provide the online YouTube Video Links & Photograph Links to the followings:-

1.      Full Coverage of the “10th ENERTIA Awards 2016 - India & South Asia's Awards for Excellence in "Sustainable Energy & Power" & Co-current with “PRAKASH Divas” proceedings (held on Thursday,  29th December 2016).
b.     Prakash Divas – Thursday, 29th December 2016 - “10th ENERTIA Awards 2016” - https://youtu.be/uWlqpY815CY

2.     Government National Channel - Doordarshan - Krishi Darshan Program Aired on National Television (most watch program in INDIA with Rural INDIA reach) – Aired by DD on 24th January 2017 -                       https://youtu.be/0r9y5EN9ZCU

NB: Photos Links From Google Drive of the 10th ENERTIA Awards 2016 - India & South Asia's Awards for Excellence in "Sustainable Energy & Power".

                a.      10th ENERTIA Awards 2016 - India & South Asia’s Awards for Excellence in Sustainable Energy & Power” -https://goo.gl/photos/19v53MKe DBcuayD57           
                b.     "PRAKASH DIVAS" - “PRAKASHmay Rashtra-Ujjwal Bharat” - https://goo.gl/photos/xcaJzdCq VYZGbemW9

With Regards


Shruthi & Veronica

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