Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CEA U-Turn On Coal Power - Case for a Professional LEADER 
December14, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh

When India required 100,000 MW of Peak Power - considering 160,000 MW actual this FY, [Conventional Capacity online just 189,339 MW on December08, 2016] but includes 30% Transmission & Distribution losses and 30% inefficient consumption, installed capacity is already 309,000 MW – 186,000 MW of thermal power, 73,486 MW is Unavailable or more including 65,000 MW Thermal Power, Target to DOUBLE capacity to 554,000 MW by 2022

Piyush Goyal is Biggest SCAM Of India Next to Demonetization. He is Promoting 2000-4000 kilometer Transmission to Send Adani Power to Myanmar. Large Solar Parks are Rs.11 Cr Per MW Disadvantage Compared to Rooftops - Piyush Never Learn

I had been campaigning for Clean Energy and Multipurpose Hydro Power since 1980. It is a national tragedy India has promoted Coal Based power even close to Himalaya Mountains in case of Ropar, Rajpura, Yamunanagar, Dadri, Panipat etc when there is200,000 MW Hydro Potential from J&K to Arunachal in Himalaya – over 90% for Indian consumption. 

94% of Utility Power Plants commissioned under 12th Plan are Thermal Power Plant which are most polluting. 

CEA finally woke up even as 86,250 MW thermal capacity was added during 12th Plan and another 50,000 MW is already under commissioning. 

As Peak Demand hit record 160,000 MW FY2017 – Installed capacity is 309,000 MW and 73,486 MW [65,000 MW Thermal] was Unavailable due poor Maintenance. 

Piyush is Rs.20,00,000 Cr+ Public Liability –Professional Leader Could Be $4-$5 Trillion Long Term Advantage

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