Monday, November 21, 2016

The Buddhist Times Delhi Daily

Sagar Burma News: - HEADLINES   LEISURE WORLD EDUCATION ART & ENTERTAINMENT POLITICS TECHNOLOGY #INDIA MORE  Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016   Next update in about 22 hours    Archives India Travel Guide - Must Visit Destinatio...

Barter Economy Is Reborn in Villages as India Cancels Cash

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Pamposh Raina - The day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned Indians from spending their 500- and 1,000-rupee notes, merchant Bhagirath Barik started getting strange offers. Rice, honey, leather. With large b...

Amid Notes Ban, Agents Offer To Convert Black Money. NDTV Investigates

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Rinkesh Tyagi - New Delhi:  Rs 500, 1000 notes banned to curb black money, corruption Middlemen outside banks in Delhi offer to convert unaccount money Using loopholes, they say can convert black money at 30-50% c...

Kanazawa Shōko: Woman with Down Syndrome Becomes Top Calligrapher

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Uli Kulz - On March 20, 2015, Kanazawa Shōko made an inspirational presentation at the Fourth World Down Syndrome Day Conference, held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, concluding her remarks wi...

Data: India's air pollution is now more deadly than China's - Energydesk

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Jos Olivier - Air pollution is causing more deaths in India than in China, according to new research. On average there were 3,283 premature deaths per day in India in 2015 as a result of particulate matter and o...

With banks serving only senior citizens today, JNU/FTII faculty sends students to withdraw cash

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Jayaditya - New Delhi: Ever since the announcement of Demonetization on November 8, there has always been a crowd outside banks and ATMs across India. To reduce the crowd, the government introduced various mea...
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Dalai Lama Preaches in Mongolia, Risking China's Fury - The Dalai Lama preached to thousands of Buddhists in Mongolia despite demands from China that the visit by the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader be scrapped, at a time Mongolia seeks a critical aid p...
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木村文乃、結婚を報告 お相手についても言及「下を向いて歩いていた私に…」 - モデルプレス - 特集 TV Ranking ニュースランキング モデルランキング 雑誌ランキング 画像ランキング Model&Magazine モデルROOM 雑誌ROOM Snap Blog&SNS ブログROOM ツイッターROOM 女子旅プレス トップページ Life 結婚 木村文乃、結婚を報告 お相手についても言及「下を向いて歩いていた私に…」 【木村文乃/モデルプレス=11月18日】今月11日に結...

Coldplay, Jay Z Rock the House at Global Citizen Festival India's Historic Debut

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Mamata, Kejriwal lash out at Modi on note ban: Stop giving alms to people, withdraw order in 3 days - Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and his West Bengal counterpart Mamata Banerjee today addressed a rally in New Delhi's Azadpur Mandi where they demanded the rollback of the government's demone...

WATCH! Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal Exposed on Note Ban Issue!

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Pawan Sharma
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