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     Swachh Paryavaran Campaign Press Meet
    Little Rain and wind makes sky clear to bring relief citizen Delhi with winds blowing sunshine evaporates heavier duty allow photosynthesis
    Min KapilMushra Delhi Govt must org pollution control manufacturers company in city for people to use for utility of Clean Air
    KapilMushra MunDelhuGov:Men Machines Tandem Modern T&P with workers Guiding workers efficient way pollution diminish essential work culture
    KapilMishraDelhi Govt Min with such massive force if we can't keep city to its best then we are lazy avoid duty lag behind global standards
    Kapil Mishra Delhi Givt Min: workers of state ministry and dept under Delhi Givt Edu hospital Trans need to duly monitored by Ur MLA city cl
    Kapil Mishra Delhi Gov Min call chairman CE CEI meeting of PWD DDA MCD DJB , NDNC spread war footing work in their dept 2 b photosynthesis
    KapilMishra Min Delhi Govt : Delhi Government organise Robust public transport system More e vehicles , Sprinklers park accelerate photo syn
    KapilMishra Min DelhiGov: Citizen avoid Diesel Vehicles in peak hours Road need vacuum cleaner : winter photo synthesis retard accelerate
    KapilMushra Min Delhi Gov: Lots of info for mitigating pollution clean drive is one then work culture , Tool for worker 2enhance efficiency

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