Monday, October 31, 2016

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Mother Jones, Project Veritas spar over source of Romney 47 percent video

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Jules For Trump - Mother Jones locked horns with Project Veritas Action after the release of undercover footage last week in which a Democratic insider credits fellow operatives for one of the liberal magazine’s big...

Reasons I love my wife

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Ferhide - Tim Murphy, a Los Angeles-based engineer, surprised his new wife Molly with a beautiful love note. Molly, who suffers from depression, had just returned from a trip to San Francisco and was feeling...

10 temples demolished in Brahmanbaria, over 100 injured | Dhaka Tribune

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a hindu - An unruly mob of hundreds of people armed with locally-made weapons demolished at least 10 temples to the ground along with vandalising hundreds of houses of the Hindu community at Brahminbaria‘s N...

India Today - Latest Videos - News Videos - Online News

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Rahul Kanwal - Government school set ablaze in Kashmir's Anantnag district India pushes Masood Azhar for designation of global terrorist by UN Tribute paid to martyr Nitin Subhash, his village not to celebrate Di...

The mother tells the baby to say mama, but watch the dog on the right side

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Ferhide - Mom publishes a photo of her daughter in swimsuit. The police is alarmed about this trend ​It's a humid summer's day: At a public outdoor pool, a mother takes a photo of her daughter with her smart...

WikiLeaks Email: Robby Mook ‘Is Close’ To Democratic Operative Who Oversaw Agitators At Trump Rallies

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Jules For Trump - Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, “is close” to Robert Creamer, the high-ranking Democratic party operative who was caught on tape discussing organizing violent protests at Donald Tru...

Farsnews - "The coalition fighter jets don’t target the terrorists' convoys which leave or enter Mosul from Raqqa (in Syria) and their attacks are not effective; they just want to show off their partnership i...
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9-0: TRIUNFO A RITMO DE DOBLETES ANTE EL PEÑA EL VALLE ANTES DE VIAJAR A GRANADA - Rocío, Sandra, Jenni y Amparito anotaron dos tantos cada una, mientras que Claudia Fernández firmó su primer gol en la categoría Nuevo triunfo para el Sevilla FC Femenino, líder destacado del Grupo...

Retired NBA Vets are making legal marijuana the new pick and roll

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Papa Oso - Viola Harrington couldn’t take it anymore. Even the backbone of a family has a breaking point. She was in pain. And it was hard for her to see. Her story, part of a recently released campaign in su...
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A photo of this sad dog showed up on Facebook and a few days later her life was transformed.

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Ferhide - She picked up a toilet from the dump and installed it in her bathroom. The other things she found there made her dreams come true With her own hands 12 Passive Aggressive Bathroom Notes Bathrooms c...

This guys rent 8 foot box inside an apartment, you can not believe what it is cost?

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Ferhide - Did you know about this? Why she put onion on her socks? The bottom of your feet are powerful and direct access points to internal organs in your body through what is known as meridians in Chinese ...
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Five Tips For Building Your Brand From The Ground Up

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Solo Professor - Drive down Sheikh Zayed Road, one of the longest highways running through Dubai, and an average of 18,000 visuals will bombard you with their messaging. I’ve been in the advertising industry for 15...

Blockchain is empowering the future of insurance

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Rich Simmonds - Kevin Wang is with Plug and Play Insurance, the insurtech vertical at Plug and Play Tech Center, one the largest global technology innovation platforms. Plug and Play insurance is a leading insuran...
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7 Fundamentals of Success and Happiness Only You Can Deny Yourself

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40Billion - Life's biggest frustrations and disappointments come from expecting too little of yourself and too much of others. Expectations shape all of your relationships, including in the workplace. By setti...

Meet with Gimo, who has biggest eyes ever

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15 Habits Of Irresistible People

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Can you spot something strange in this photo?

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That black British feeling: Does the UK need Black Lives Matter?

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BBC News (UK)

6 creepy music myths (and the truth behind them) - BBC Music

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