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UK parliament :Date for vote on replacing nuclear deterrent

Outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron announced at the NATO summit in Warsaw that a parliamentary vote will be held on July 18 to decide whether the UK’s nuclear deterrent should be renewed. Despite the fact he will leave his position within weeks, Cameron decided to hold the vote as soon as possible. He wanted to put“beyond doubt” whether the UK’s fleet of four submarines with nuclear warheads should be replaced.

Arvind Kumar Kejriwal (AKK) cracked JEE with AIR 563, B.Tech with CGPA 8.42 : RTI

Summary  of exclusive news ©yaishwaryaj: Dr. Anathbandhu Patra – Deputy registrar & Public Information Officer of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has formally  replied on a   RTI poser by Lucknow based 14 year old RTI Girl Aishwarya Parashar and besides revealing Magsaysay awardee Delhi Chief Minister Arvind ( Kumar ) Kejriwal’s  Joint Entrance Examination  All India Rank, has also disclosed Kejriwal’s semester-wise passing SGPA of  8 semester B.Tech (H) Mechanical Engineering course of I.I.T. Kharagpur.  
Lucknow/09 July 2016/ Written by Urvashi Sharma  ©yaishwaryaj
Aishwarya Parashar, popularly known in India as RTI girl had, on last 12th May shot-off  a 10 point RTI plea to PIO of Chief Minister Office of Government of NCT of Delhi. Through her RTI, Aishwarya sought information on various aspects, ranging from 10th level to Higher level of educational qualifications of Kejriwal. Bhupendra Kumar PIO of Chief Minister Office of Government of Delhi had. On last 03rd June informed Aishwarya that office of Delhi Chief Minister has no information on any of the educational qualifications of its CM and transferred all 10 points of Aishwarya’s RTI plea to deputy registrar & CPIO of Indian Institute of technology Kharagpur  Under section 6(3) of RTI act 2005. “Since the information sought by the applicant also pertain to or may be held by your office, the RTI application is being transferred u/s 6(3) of RTI act,2005 for providing the requisite information, directly to the applicant.” read the letter of PIO of CM office sent to this RTI girl. Bhupendra Kumar’s letter also reads “ The information / document sought against points 1 to 10 is not available on record in this office.”
On this  RTI poser by Lucknow based 14 year old RTI Girl Aishwarya Parashar, Now  Dr. Anathbandhu Patra – Deputy registrar & Public Information Officer of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has informed that  Magsaysay awardee Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had cracked Joint Entrance Examination  with All India Rank of 563 and passed B.Tech (H) in Mechanical Engineering with CGPA of 8.42 in a 8 semester course of I.I.T. Kharagpur.  
“As per available record Mr. Arvind Kumar Kejriwal, Roll no. 8526118, was admitted in B.Tech (H) degree in Mechanical Engineering through IIT-JEE. All India Rank (AIR) cards of all admitted candidates for such older session ( 1985-89) including Mr. arvind Kumar Kejriwal are not traceable. However, after in depth search from Admission Register it is found that All India Rank ( AIR ) of Mr. Arvind Kumar Kejriwal is :563. Mr. Arvind Kumar Kejriwal was awarded B.Tech ( H ) degree in Mechanical Engineering.” Reads this letter of  Dr. Anathbandhu Patra.
The letter also reads “The rest of information as sought for is not held by the institute, Also not traceable.”
As per RTI reply, Kejriwal attained SGPA of 7.92,7.76,8.17,8.43,8.32,9.39,9.00 & 8.46 in 8 semesters of this course and passed B. Tech with CGPA of 8.42.
14 year old Aishwarya told this correspondent that the information is still incomplete as she has not been given info on many points of her RTI plea and so she will soon raise objections and file a first appeal in the office of  IIT Kharagpur.
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Urvashi Sharma is a Lucknow based freelancer and Secretary at YAISHWARYAJ. She can be contacted Mobile 9369613513.
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Typhoon Nepartak :Evacuation of half a million people in China

More than 422,000 people have been evacuated from Fujian province in south China as typhoon Nepartak, which battered Taiwan, lashed China’s east coast, toppling houses and damaging roads. China has already had to contend with some of the worst flooding the country has experienced in years, which has left 164 people dead in 11 provinces, according to the Civil Affairs Ministry

Germany sees sharp decline in asylum seeker

Germany has witnessed a sharp decrease in the number of asylum seekers arriving, the government reported on Friday saying that some 222,000 refugees were registered in the first half of this year. Last year, around 1.1 million people claimed asylum in Germany. Interior Minister Thomas de Maizere said that it appears that the EU-brokered refugee deal reached with Turkey has been contributing to the drop. “The implementation of the agreement between the EU and Turkey is working so far, but I wouldn’t guarantee that this will also remain the case in the coming months,” he said. In March Turkey agreed to take back all irregular refugees from Greece while allowing a certain number of asylum seekers to travel to the EU legally in exchange for funding worth €6 billion ($6.63bn) from the EU and talks on visa-free travel. Media agencies

Gunfire outside South Sudan’s presidential compound

Heavy gunfire erupted outside the compound of Salva Kiir, South Sudan’s president, ahead of his address to the nation in the capital of Juba, residents and a Reuters witness said. Kiir was preparing to address the nation on the latest deadly fighting in the capital when five government soldiers were killed late Thursday in a shootout between opposing army factions. Officials could not be reached for comment on the reports, the news agency states. Media agencies

UN agencies decry Hungarian border tightening

U.N. agencies have warned of dire conditions for migrants on the Serbia-Hungary border after Hungary this week adopted measures that severely restricting their flow. The U.N. in Serbia said Friday that after the new measures were introduced,“the number of refugees and migrants on the Serbian side of the border has doubled to above 1,300 _ the majority of them women and children.” The new rules allow Hungarian police to return across the border to Serbia the migrants detained within 8 kilometers (5 miles) of the Hungarian border fences protected by razor wire. The UN says close to 800 asylum-seekers are now waiting in the open on the Serbian territory outside the fence lacking shelter and sanitation. More than 1 million migrants used the Balkan route to cross to Western Europe before it officially closed in March.

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