Saturday, July 16, 2016

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How Traditional Marketing Powers Social Media

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re:DESIGN - We all know that social media is not a strategy. You do know that, right? Good. In any case, it should certainly not replace other marketing tactics but work in conjunction with them. It is not an ...

Marijuana Contains 'Alien DNA' From Outside Of Our Solar System, NASA Confirms

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ValleArboledas - It's big news, set to shock, amaze, and entertain the world. But unfortunately, it's got nothing to do with extraterrestrial stoners melding with Earth's plants.  However, since you're now reading,...

How This Millennial Is Building An Influential Media Empire

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Sunita Jorsingh - In the online startup world, it's tough to build a brand, amass millions of users and stand out among all the competition. But it's even tougher if you are making some of the easy-to-fix mistakes o...

How to Find and Research Your Perfect Media Match

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Al McDermid - If you’re new to publicity, or you’re not getting the publicity you’d hoped for, stop dreaming about it and learn how to do it in only 21 days. Publicist Michelle Tennant Nicholson and publicity ex...

Does Online Media Have a Political Agenda? - – ריכזנו עבורכם 10 משרות טריות בתחום המרקטינג והמכירות מהלוחות שלנו עם כל הפרטים הרלוונטים. עכשיו נותר לכם רק לעבור, לבדוק ולפנות לאלו הרלוונטים עבורכם קרדיט תמונה: Getty Images Isra...

9 digital marketing rules we need to establish

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Patrick Osinski - One truism I've learned in assessing and developing people in the workplace is that people's greatest strengths are almost always their greatest weaknesses. Perfectionists, debaters, influencers, a...

Who Are We Kidding? ‘The Media’ Just Provides Facebook With Content

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Gregory Kennedy - The findings of Pew Research Center’s 2016 report on the state of news media don’t add any clarity to the confusing state of the digital media industry. The findings conclude what content farms hav...
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Media Planning Software - Outdoor Advertising - Matrix Media Services

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Matrix Media - After five years of continuous development and careful refinements, we are finally going public with our best-kept secret to date. We would like to officially introduce to you our Out-of-Home Media...
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Great Business Writing 2015 - 10 golden rules updated again

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Kevin Dungul - Just over a year ago I shared an update on a previous post, all about the 10 Golden Rules of Great Business Writing. Even though it’s only one year since the last one appeared, I thought it was wor...
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The Virality Map: Now We Know How Things Go Viral - Talkwalker Blog – Social Media Monitoring & Analytics

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Michael Buck - It’s the thing that a lot of social media marketers aspire to as the instantaneous brand exposure it provides can be a massive boost. Yet it’s a process that’s shrouded in mystery. Why did a certai...
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The local news

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MediaFound - It is time we moved past the tantalizing, anecdotal examples of the power of local news and focus more on the real agenda of the community itself Local media landscape in Nepal is a “happening plac...

The Chinese Government's Grip on Online Media Just Got a Lot Tighter

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A deep dive into the news media’s role in the rise of Donald J. Trump

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neontaster - Donald Trump with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who interviewed the presumed Republican presidential nominee for her Fox network special “Megyn Kelly Presents.” (Eric Liebowitz/Fox) The media’s cove...

The Big Read: A battle on two fronts leaves M’sia’s media on the ropes

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Gregore Lopez
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