Sunday, July 10, 2016

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How to Find and Research Your Perfect Media Match

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T D Bessler - If you’re new to publicity, or you’re not getting the publicity you’d hoped for, stop dreaming about it and learn how to do it in only 21 days. Publicist Michelle Tennant Nicholson and publicity ex...

Klein budget

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Okafor Amaka - Online media hebben echter ook één groot nadeel: er is geen fysieke nabijheid. De warmte van intermenselijk contact ontbreekt. Mensen doen graag zaken met andere mensen. Een mens luistert, adviseer...

The Virality Map: Now We Know How Things Go Viral - Talkwalker Blog – Social Media Monitoring & Analytics

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erkan guntore - It’s the thing that a lot of social media marketers aspire to as the instantaneous brand exposure it provides can be a massive boost. Yet it’s a process that’s shrouded in mystery. Why did a certai...

China’s news websites now have to verify social media stories before they report them

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RandomNews - China’s top internet watchdog has new orders for the country’s online media that would be good practice around the world—verify social media accounts and sources before publishing news reports base...

Music Repartee With Alex: Dear Gospel Artiste, Good Artwork Can Save Your Ministry!! - SelahAfrik

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Omo Jesu - The emergence of Nigerian Christian blogs have aided the growth of Gospel music tremendously. Prior to its emergence, gospel artistes existed in clusters, with one or two popping up at intervals an...

TMI? Pause for a moment — and turn your filters on

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Communitech - Online media barely paused to take a breath from screaming about the End of Days post-Brexit vote. Then they got right back to it, screaming about how the Leave voters apparently didn’t even know w...

Consistently Using Online Videos Builds Your Brand

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Vid-Mark - As a small business owner, you more than likely already understand just how important it is to develop your brand. It is the strength of your brand which compels people to purchase from you. Think ...
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Freelancer - Hire & Find Jobs - K&C is looking for IT Copywriter / Storyteller / Technical Writer for part-time job. Description We are launching a company blog and looking for an experienced content manager to create and distrib...

IT Copywriter / Storyteller / Technical Writer for K&C job in Kiev

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Creativepool - We are launching a company blog and looking for an experienced content manager to create and distribute the technology-oriented yet exciting stories about K&C services, successful projects and tren...
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Online Media Education Offline: VidCon 2016 - The YouTube community and the online media world is the future but it’s also the present – it is happening and evolving right now. For the second consecutive year, the Ryerson Communications and De...
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Who Are We Kidding? ‘The Media’ Just Provides Facebook With Content

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Uncharted Minds - The findings of Pew Research Center’s 2016 report on the state of news media don’t add any clarity to the confusing state of the digital media industry. The findings conclude what content farms hav...
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A deep dive into the news media’s role in the rise of Donald J. Trump

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GONG WEIGANG - Donald Trump with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who interviewed the presumed Republican presidential nominee for her Fox network special “Megyn Kelly Presents.” (Eric Liebowitz/Fox) The media’s cove...

Does Online Media Have a Political Agenda?

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Book review: Online marketing for your craft business - Hilary Pullen - The Design Trust - Online Marketing for Your Craft Business: How to get your handmade products discovered, shared and sold on the internet covers online marketing through 4 main parts: This practical book is written ...
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