Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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The Only Social Media Checklist You'll Ever Need - Contrary to what some marketers think, social media isn’t just a channel to blast out promotional content and drive a ton of website traffic. While that may have been common practice in the past, s...

9 Time-Saving Tools for Social Media Marketers : Social Media Examiner

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StefanHeld - Do you need to spend less time on repetitive social media tasks? Are you looking for tools that let you balance automation with a personal touch? In this article, you’ll discover nine tools to help...

About - Black Shell Media

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Indie Game Life - We’re a publishing and marketing firm dedicated to helping independent video game developers reach massive audiences, publish financially successful titles, and turn game development into a career....

The GOP’s medieval politics: America’s crisis is much bigger than Donald Trump - As incendiary and dangerous as he is — and he is very dangerous — and as much of a main event as he has been in this election season, Donald Trump is largely a distraction from what really ails our...

#SocialMediaDay: TV celebs and their ‘social’ connect - Be it connecting to others or sharintg your life’s update, social media platforms ahve become an addiction. And today (30 June), the world is celebrating Social Media Day. got in t...

3 Serious Facebook Security Holes You Didn't Know About - Recent security and privacy-related revelations about Facebook should concern every Facebook user. Here is what you need to know - and how to protect yourself: 1. Facebook might be sharing with str...

The Top Social Media Sites That Matter to Marketers

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Suzanne Allison - While preparing for a recent dinner party, I visited my local overly-priced grocer with the intention of purchasing a few items for a cheese board. Getting cheese from “the nice part of the store” ...
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21 Palestinian journalists in Israeli prisons - Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 20 June 2016 The number of Palestinian journalists in Israeli prisons has risen to 21. This includes eight media workers arrested since the start of this year...

Risky business: Journalists around the world under direct attack - Index on Censorship

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Ecuador Informa - Index on Censorship magazine editor Rachael Jolley introduces our journalism in danger issue, which explores the pressures reporters face as they do their jobs in this 250th issue.  By Rachael Joll...
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13 Tools To Take Your Blog Writing From Good To Great

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Jeff Bullas - Congratulations! You’ve written a fantastic blog post…but now what? What will make your blog sink or swim in a sea constantly filling with content? After all you’re competing with with over 20,000 ...

Nine years of censorship

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Doug Briant - Early one Thursday morning last November, Kristi Miller-Saunders was surprised to receive a visit from her manager. Miller-Saunders, a molecular geneticist at the Canadian fisheries agency, had her...
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The ConnectedCOPS Awards

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The Gatehouse - The ConnectedCOPS awards were created by LAwS Communications with the intent of recognizing the fantastic work being done by individual officers and law enforcement agencies with social media. The ...
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#PlaceYourAd - Advertise With #FrizeMedia #Health #Healthcare #Wellbeing - Marketing with digital media such as, social media, videos, newsletters if performed in an effective way can benefit you by driving website visitors to  take the next step. The next step might be p...

How to make a social media marketing plan for your small business in 6 steps

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Jenson Gore
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20 Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Social Media Images

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Sonia M Khan - Any social media manager or content marketer knows that one of the toughest parts of the job is finding the perfect image to accompany a post. We all know that images are one of the most important ...

20 Online Marketing Tips for Events

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Ungerboeck EMEA

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers with User Generated Content

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Kelly McCormick
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