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 Haryana CM is ill-informed about water release for Delhi
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                             November 30, 2014 (Sunday)
·         Haryana CM is ill-informed about release of water for Delhi
·         Mr Khattar’s statement on Munak Canal is irresponsible
·         It is not a matter of option or discretion of the Haryana govt
·         Mr Khattar’s govt is legally bound to release 80 million gallons everyday
·         BJP is trying to complicate the water issue and postpone release of water for Delhi

New Haryana chief minister Mr Manohar Lal Khattar appears unaware of the fact that his state government is legally bound to release 80 million gallons of water into the Munak Canal for Delhi everyday, according to the memorandum of understanding signed between two states in 1993.
Mr Khattar’s irresponsible statement on Saturday that his government cannot release water for Delhi and would be able to do so only if other neighbouring states also help, clearly shows he still does not know about the legal obligations of his state government.
The Aam Aadmi Party clearly states that Haryana chief minister should take a proper briefing about facts particularly on issues concerning relations with other states, since his ill informed statements could have serious repercussions for relations between the two states.
 It is not a matter of option or discretion for the Haryana government, it is mandatory for it to release water for Delhi in accordance with the terms of the 1993 MoU. Mr Khattar would do well to go through the Delhi High Court order of Thursday in which Haryana government has been directed to release water for Delhi.
The Haryana chief minister’s attempts to shift the onus on the central government is misplaced, since the release of water can no longer be postponed and the BJP attempts to complicate the issue will be strongly rebuffed.
 Delhi government has spent Rs 400 crore on the construction of Munak Canal over the last two decades and any attempt to scuttle water supply for the national capital will be resisted.
The BJP is trying to follow in the footsteps of the Congress by confusing the matter, and its designs will be thoroughly exposed.
The terms and conditions of the 1993 MoU between Haryana and Delhi are absolutely clear and Delhi government has honoured all its commitments, including bearing more than 80% cost for the construction of the canal. The BJP now should not try to test the patience of the residents of the national capital.
Delhi administration should strongly oppose any move to postpone immediate release of water for the national capital.
The AAP will take all possible steps, including recourse to legal action once its government is formed again in Delhi after the assembly elections, in case Haryana government does not honour its legal commitment to release water into the Munak Canal.
Nearly 40 lakh residents of South, Southwest, West and Northwest Delhi, including areas of Sangam Vihar and Dwarka are reeling under acute water shortage.
Further, water treatment plants at Bawana, Dwarka and Okhla are still unused due to water shortage. (ENDS) 

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